10 Things Everyone Hates About rokudev

rokudev is a video series that highlights the top 10 best quotes of the year.

RoKudev’s main reason for joining the show is to make people all want to play a game about death and death and a few other things. He wants to be the new father, he wants to save the people of the world from their own fate, he wants to make good with that, he wants to see his kids learn to play a little survival game. It’s a great show and as much fun as it is entertaining.

There is no shortage of great quotes.

I have to admit, the way I’m reading the quotes is a little different from my usual style in general. I’ll just say that there are a lot of cool things in the quotes that I find myself agreeing with, and I also find myself disagreeing with a lot of them. Some of the quotes are so cool I can’t believe I haven’t already posted them. So for my own edification, I have listed them below.

Im not sure if rokudev is the new ’90s meme reference, but it’s definitely a catchy quote.

Rokudev is a term coined by the Russian writer Anton Chekhov. It was coined in response to the idea of a new Russian-language word that was so close to a word in the English language that English speakers would confuse it with English.

I will not be able to post a whole lot more about rokudev and how it’s used in the game. But thanks for understanding, I’ll be adding comments in the coming weeks.

Rokudev is something I’ve seen used in the past, but rarely in such a grand way as in the trailer. That being said, this is one of the reasons I love it. It’s just a small glimpse of what the game has to offer, and not just in terms of a good reference.

It can be a tricky word to pronounce in the context of a video game. I can see how this fits into the “game” because it’s sort of like a game, but I can’t imagine I’m saying this to a gamer. If you are a gamer, though, I’m sure you can relate.